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The blocking problem in the production process of sanding machine and its solution
Release time:2020-11-22 11:13:23 Clicks:116

For Horizontal sand mill, the amount of grinding media can start from 80% of the volume of the cylinder, and then increase or decrease the amount of grinding media according to the discharge temperature of the material or the temperature of the cooling water. In general, when the temperature exceeds the allowable range, should reduce the amount of grinding media, the temperature is below the allowable range, before increasing the speed of the shaft, priority can be given to increasing the amount of grinding media. Generally, the discharge temperature of ink is allowed in the range of 50 ~ 70 °C. Adjust the amount of media can be measured by this yardstick, for some of the poor stability of the ink to pay attention to control. The horizontal sanding machine often needs to stop cleaning because the valve is blocked in the production process, and there are often many operators do not know how to clean themselves. In fact, the valve block of Horizontal Sander is a common fault, the maintenance method is also relatively simple, general operators should learn, in the case of problems can be self-maintenance to avoid delay in production needs. 1, for some easy to precipitate and contain a certain solid particles of the medium, but the use of ordinary valve to regulate, often in the throttle port, the guidance of blocking the situation, the bottom plug of the Lower Bonnet can be externally scoured with gas and steam. When the valve is blocked or stuck, open the external gas or steam valve, you can not move the control valve to complete the flushing work, make the normal operation of the valve. 2, there are some small caliber control valve, especially ultra-fine flow control valve, its throttling clearance is very small, medium can not have a little sundry, in this case blocked, it is best to install a filter in the pipeline before the valve, to allow the medium to pass through. When the regulator valve is used in the positioner, the positioner will not work normally, and the blockage of the throttle port in the Air Path is one of the most common faults. Therefore, with the locator work, we must deal with the gas source, the usual method is to install the air filter pressure relief valve in front of the locator. 3. The welding slag, rust and slag in the pipeline of the horizontal sanding machine will probably cause the valve core surface to be curved if it is blocked or stuck in the throttle port, the guide part and the balance hole of the lower valve cover, guide surface tension and serious scratches will also seal surface indentation, and so on. The blocking problem often occurs in the new operating system and after the overhaul of the production phase, which is also a more common failure. When this kind of blockage causes other problems, it is necessary to remove the shell of the horizontal grinder to carry out the internal cleaning work, first to remove the residue, and then to damage the sealing surface should also be ground, at the same time, the sand will open the bottom plug to flush away the slag falling from the balance hole into the inside of the valve cover, and flush the pipeline. Let the regulating valve open completely when the production is running again, and the medium will flow for a period of time before the normal operation.

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