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Standard Practice for daily operation of Horizontal sand mill
Release time:2020-11-22 11:18:53 Clicks:114

Horizontal Sander Technology is common in many industries. Horizontal Sander Equipment was born from the world's first stirred ball mill which used larger grinding balls, with the development of vertical sanding machine, Horizontal sand milland new generation of ultra-fine grinding machine with improved function, the size of grinding bead becomes smaller and smaller. How much do you know about the operation of sanding machine? The following is introduced by the small series of Zhongda Machinery sanding machine manufacturers: Sanding Machine Operation Specifications: First, sanding machine to keep clean, in order to ensure that the sanding machine in the event of failure from the sanding machine inspection window above the first time reflected to avoid a series of problems that can not be found. When cleaning the cylinder body with solvent, turn the disperser slightly and intermittently to avoid parts being worn, and do not rotate violently. If there is "roof fall" , must immediately stop cleaning screen, and then put the pulp basin, the appropriate adjustment for pulp pump speed after restart. Otherwise, the paint slurry is likely to invade the main shaft bearing, resulting in bearing wear and tear, damage to the slurry pump. When using new zirconium beads, the impurities in the zirconium beads must be removed, and the high column in the sanding machine must be cleaned, so as not to jam the sanding machine because of the impurities in the new zirconium beads. If the long-term parking, then start before the scattered disk should be checked whether the media jam. If the coupling does not turn, then pump in the solvent. Wait for the solution to start. Must not force start to avoid damage to the friction plate. Do not start when there is no paint and grinding medium in the barrel. When the temperature of the sanding machine is too high or the pressure is too high, should check whether the sanding machine discharge screen is blocked, should immediately stop the machine to check, can not be forced to start running.

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